As we achievement whores know, BioShock has a thousand of the easiest gamerscore points out there.  In fact, a person with the right guide can grab up the whole grand in a single playthrough.  That right guide is here and even comes complete with strategy videos showing how to deal with those groaning Big Daddies.  “sircuddles”, a forum member at, has taken a great deal of time to craft a comprehensive walkthrough of 2007’s masterpiece.  Thankfully, it features accurate instructions on where to find all those audio diaries as well, some of which are well hidden and can be easily overlooked if you miss a vent opening, for example.


I’m not one to go hunting for every achievement on the first playthrough of any game.  I want to enjoy the game as intended first and seek achievements later, and you will spoil BioShock’s story if you refer to this guide right away.  You’ll ruin wrenching plot twists and stunning revelations by doing so, and I’m not exaggerating.  BioShock’s higher echelon of storytelling is exceedingly rare in video games and not that much more common in movies, truth be told.  You have been warned.

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