jackthompson.jpgJack Thompson, the Florida attorney known for his cool and rational demeanor, has voiced concern over a scene in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto IV.  At one point early in the game, the star and antihero Nico is sent to dispose of a lawyer.  A conversation takes place, during which the lawyer says, “Guns don’t kill people.  Video games do.”  Thompson believes that this attorney is meant to be a satirical respresentation of himself, and demands that such a reference be removed from the game entirely.  If this is not done by 5:00 PM this Friday, he will force Charles Xavier to remove GTA IV from existence via Cerebro.

I refuse to let this man work me up.  He’s going to keep on and on with this stupid crusade, and then one day someone sporting an unfortunate mental disorder (and who owns a library of M-rated games by chance) is going to attack him physically, thus validating his noisy rants in the eyes of lawmakers.  Thompson needs to be ignored and forgotten.  Safely, it’s the only–and most difficult–way to shut him up.

Source:  GamePolitics.com