madden_08_cover.jpgMost of the achievements in Xbox 360 sports games are only as hard as you want them to be, and Madden 08 seems to continue this trend.  Pit the strongest team against the weakest, use great players, tweak the AI in your favor and you’re ready for some of the cheapest unlocking there is. user “silentdeath0305” has whipped up a simple and comprehensive guide to snag those 1000 points with ease and a little persistence.  Or you could do it the really easy way

Personally, this is the only way I can enjoy sports games.  They’re so repetitive to me in the first place, but cheap and meaningless achievements manage to keep my interest and give me…well, the only reason to even play them at all.  I’ll rent this at some point just for a quick +1000 to my gamerscore and be done with it.  Plus I pay football about the same amount of attention as I give to the Brangelina family outings.  So…how about them Houston Oilers…? 😉

(Yes, I know…)

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