You can exhale now.  Fanboys were confident that Halo 3 would receive magnificent reviews, having no doubt that Bungie would lift them to new heights in the Chief’s last hurrah.  Well, it seems that the rest of us skeptics holding our breath can relax and hang on to that preorder.  According to and, Halo 3 is receiving BioShock-caliber reviews.  Gamespot, Gamespy, IGN, and other majors are bestowing Halo Part Trois with scores of 95% and up, with very few publications holding it in lesser regard.

I was among the skeptics, but am now a believer.  As we all know, Halo 3 needed no advertising.  However, one reason to give the game a marketing campaign of summer-blockbuster proportions is to distract from one possible truth:  that it’s crap.  I feared complaints of bugginess, rushed design, and other examples of laziness.  I’m relieved to hear that my concerns have been invalidated.  Good job, Bungie.  Way to keep the ball in the air despite the most punishing expectations.