And this week’s Xbox Live Arcade release is…once again, NOT PUZZLE QUEST!

Since the creators of the $30 Tetris Evolution proved that it is entirely possible to botch a terribly simple game that has been reimagined and ripped off endlessly (and often with higher quality), I think we legions of Tetris fans are entitled to a true version: simple, addictive, and very, very cheap.  Lo and behold, Halo-resistant Xboxers can enjoy Tetris Splash on Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday for a thumbs-up price of 800 MS points.


So the word “Splash” signifies what kind of gimmick?  Are we going to have to endure yet another misguided attempt to spice up a game in need of no spice?  The answer is a sweet, merciful “no.”  This is old-fashioned Tetris, exactly what XBLA needs.  The only difference is that this version can accomodate up to six people at once, and the “splash” only means that it sports an aquatic theme. 

I was afraid there’d be an option to drop a boulder onto the blocks and “splash” some of them off the board.  I would have then decided to drop a boulder on my 360 and “splash” it across my driveway.